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Monday, 16 May 2011

94.0  The Shark Navigator Lift Away gets excellent consumer reviews - and reviews are plentiful.  This machine uses much of the same technology as a Dyson, namely cyclonic suction (technology that provides no loss of suction), bagless design and HEPA filtration.  It also carries a similarly long warranty of 5 years.  Owners like the vacuums suction power, maneuverability, and light weight but a few lament the short length of both the power cord and the hose.

The Lift Away is powered by a 10 amp motor and is capable of cleaning both bare floors and carpet.  It is touted as an excellent choice for allergy sufferers as it comes with HEPA filtration and an anti-allergen seal technology canister.  This means that almost all allergens that enter the vacuum are removed from the air.  It should be noted that the HEPA filter is not a standard feature on all Lift Away vacuums it seems to depend on where you buy.


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The vacuum is very maneuverable due to its swivel head and it is also quite light at about 13 lbs.  It comes with a pet hair tool attachment, crevice tool and dusting brush, and the Lift away feature allows the vacuum to convert to a portable canister when needed.  The vacuum is advertised as having a large dust canister but several consumers feel it is actually rather small.  The dust canister is bottom-empty and it is said to be quite easy to empty.


Reviews are very, very good and quite a number of consumers literally rave about this machine.  Following are some common owner indicated pros and cons: 


- lightweight
- very easy to maneuver
- strong suction
- brushbar can be turned on and off
- fairly quiet
- great for allergy or asthma sufferers (with the right filtration)
- long warranty


- short power cord
- hose length is a bit short
- canister fills up rather quickly

The following table shows consumer ratings for the Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum cleaner:

Source # Vacuum Cleaner Ratings Avg Rating (1 to 5)
Amazon 16 4.4
Walmart 99 4.8
Viewpoints 19 4.42
Epinions 1 5.0
Abt 1 5.0
Target 54 4.7
QVC 8 4.6

Weighted Score = 94.0






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