Top Rated Canister Vacuums

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

We have compiled our top rated canister vacuums.  The top canister field is dominated by Miele, although we see that an inexpensive Hoover and a Dyson canister have also made the cut.

It is worth noting that we have a few simple guidelines to ensure these ratings are as meaningful as possible.  In order for a vacuum to be considered for this list it must have:

- At least 2 sources of ratings, and
- At least 20 consumer ratings in total

We review and rate vacuums frequently so this list of top 5 rated canister vacuums will be subject to change moving forward.

#1 Miele S2 Olympus

- Score = 97.2
- 7-year warranty on motor and casing
- top notch ratings by consumers (on Amazon 18 out of 19 gave this canister 5.0 stars out of 5.0)
- 4.76 quart bag
- can add the STB205-3 Full Sized Turbo Brush if you have high piled carpets
- made in Germany
- very lightweight - about 13 lbs

#2 Miele Polaris

- Score = 93.9
- 7-year warranty on motor
- 3.7 quart bag
- weighs 14 lbs
- recommended for bare floors and low-pile carpet
- made in Germany
- variable suction control
- noise insulated
- sealed system consstruction to ensure no dust leakage

#3 LG Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus

- Score = 93.9
- Quiet
- Washable filters
- Effective on Pet Hair
- Motor overload protection
- Motorized brushbar
- HEPA filtration
- Retractable power cord
- Headlight
- 5 year warranty


#4 Miele Callisto

- Score = 93.6
- 7-year warranty on motor
- Electric Powerbrush for Low, Medium and High Pile Carpeting
- sound insulated for quiet operation
- large 4.76 quart bag
- made in Germany
- variable suction control
- sealed system construction to ensure no dust leakage

#5 Hoover Commercial Portapower

- Score = 93.1
- doubles as a blower
- inexpensive (typically just over 100USD)
- strong suction
- comes with a number of attachments and tools
- long 33 foot power cord
- very light at about 8 lbs

Other highly rated canister vacuum cleaners that did not make the cut include:

Sebo K3  - 92.0 (limited ratings)
Miele Neptune – 98.0 (limited sources)
Miele Titan – 91.4 (limited ratings)
Miele S4210 series – 92.3 (outdated – replaced with the S4212 series)
Miele Cat & Dog  - 92.6 (limited ratings)
Hoover UH30010COM  - 92.0 (more of an upright – but has detachable canister)

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monika walker  - canister vacuum cleaners   | |2011-11-25 18:46:32
love your ratings on the vaccum love the miele this product seems to be a
better build product that most of the others' i will think about buying it
as soon as i know the price of the bags thank you so much
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