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Upright Vacuum Ratings

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Thursday, 03 October 2013

94.7  The Dyson DC41 Animal is Dyson’s latest upright.  It is getting consumer ratings in the “excellent” range and owners seem very pleased with the machines powerful suction, automatic nozzle height control, long power cord and ability to pick up pet hair.  It is, however, rather expensive.

87.9  Our research found over 430 consumer ratings for the Bissell 9595 which resulted in an average score of 87.9 out of 100 (or about 4.4 stars out of 5).  This is a good score for any full size vacuum, but for a vacuum which can sometime be found for as low as $79 it is quite exceptional.   The 9595 is bagless, comes with several attachments and carries a 2-year limited warranty.

89.3  The Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum is getting very good reviews and ratings from consumers.  In our rating system it scores 89.3 out of 100 which is just short of “excellent”.  Owners report that the unit has very strong suction, is easy to maneuver and is also great looking.  The power cord is a bit short however and the brushbar in the nozzle is air-driven so it is not as powerful as a motor-driven brushbar.

83.5  The Eureka Pet Lover Deluxe model 8811AVZ is designed for households with pets.  Consumer ratings are good and the vacuum is quite reasonably priced at about $100 at some online outlets.  Owners like the strong suction, specialized pet power tool and the long power cord but a few folks report that the vacuum is a little heavy and the hose a bit short.

86.2 Consumer comments on the LG Kompressor LuV400T are mostly very good – not exclusively but mostly.  Owners report that the machine has fantastic suction, is relatively quiet and is also easy to empty.  Consumers also like the very long power cord and the ability of the vacuum to pull up pet hair.  However some people find the unit a little heavy.

88.1 Consumer ratings for the Dirt Devil Power Reach Pet vacuum (model UD70095) are at the top end of the good range and this vacuum is also quite reasonably priced at less than $150 USD at most retail outlets. Owners report that the vacuum has very powerful suction and is easy to assemble.  It also has washable filters, an effective pet hair tool, several different height settings and a headlight.  Some owners feel that the hose is a little short however and that the vacuum is a bit loud.

90.0  The Eureka Airspeed Gold (model AS1001A) is getting very good reviews.  The weighted average consumer ratings provide an exceptional score of 90.0 which places it on the cusp between “very good” and “excellent”.  Users are impressed by the strong suction, easy-to-empty dirt canister and relatively quiet operation of this vacuum cleaner.  Many also feel it is well priced at just over $100.  It does have a few downsides however, and some owners complain about the weight and the need for frequent filter cleaning.

93.5  The Hoover Windtunnel MAX upright is getting reviews that place it in the “excellent” range - but it should be noted that this new machine only has about 15 consumer reviews/ratings at this time.  It has a brushbar that can be turned on or off, HEPA filtration, a long 30 foot power cord and a 15 inch wide cleaning path – all good features.  This unit is also not terribly expensive at about $180. Downsides according to owners include the weight and the lack of an automatic cord rewind.

84.1  The Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner gets good consumer ratings.  Its score is about average for a Dyson vacuum however.  In terms of uprights it gets better ratings than the old DC07 but doesn’t quite stack up to the likes of the Dyson DC25.  It has a lot of great features including a long power cord, a large dirt canister and very powerful suction. On the downside the unit is a little heavy at over 17lbs (although not as heavy as the DC28) and some owners complain about a grinding noise when vacuuming carpet.

94.1  The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro has received a consumer ratings score of 94.1.  This places it comfortably within the “excellent” range and also near the very top of our top-rated upright vacuums list.  This bagless machine is lightweight, maneuverable, generates strong suction, and also not too expensive.  It can often be found online for under $200.

80.9  The Eureka Optima 437AZ is a lightweight bagless vacuum.  At 11.8 lbs it is almost a merging of an upright vacuum with a stick vacuum.  It is less than 100USD and consumer ratings are mostly favorable.

88.7  The Miele Twist S7210 is a powerful upright with good ratings.  Being a Miele it is not cheap but it comes with a wide range of features including suction control, automatic height adjustment and a long 39 foot power cord.  This machine is made in Germany and owners feel that it is solidly built and quiet.  There are some consumer comments however that the machine is heavy.

82.1 The weighted average consumer ratings for this machine place it in the lower end of the “Good” range.  It is quite popular with many consumers but not so much so with others. Owners find they like the Kompressor Technology, the unit’s strong suction and the long power cord, but a number find the LuV200R a little heavy.

83.4  Consumer ratings on the LG Kompressor LuV300B vacuum cleaner are good, yielding about 83 out of a possible score of 100.   Folks really like the extra long power cord, the dust compression system (called Kompressor Dust Compression System) and the fact that it is very quiet.  But some feel the machine is a little heavy.

79.6  Consumer ratings for the Hoover Pet Rewind UH70210 are not bad but not stellar.  It is a bagless vacuum and is designed for houses with pets (it comes with 2 specialized pet hair tools).  Owners like the auto-cord rewind, the attachments and the washable filters, however there are some that feel the dirt canister is problematic and the hose is a little short.   It should be noted that some owners really like this machine and there are a number of very good ratings but frequent low ratings ultimately drag the overall score down.

75.7  Consumer ratings for the Eureka 4236AZ are quite average.  It is a bagless upright with HEPA filtration that typically sells for 100 - 150USD.  A common concern for those that purchased the vacuum is its weight (19lbs).  Consumers find this machine heavier than expected.

82.4  The Bissell Momentum Cyclonic Upright Vacuum gets varied reviews - some good, some not so good.  Many consumers have indicated that this machine has excellent suction, however there are some comments indicating that it is loud and that it is not particularly good for bare floors.

94.0  The Shark Navigator Lift Away gets excellent consumer reviews - and reviews are plentiful.  This machine uses much of the same technology as a Dyson, namely cyclonic suction (technology that provides no loss of suction), bagless design and HEPA filtration.  It also carries a similarly long warranty of 5 years.  Owners like the vacuums suction power, maneuverability, and light weight but a few lament the short length of both the power cord and the hose.

78.4  The Panasonic MCUG471 is a bagged upright that gets average consumer ratings.  It has several good features including auto-height adjustment and HEPA filtration but it is quite heavy and is best for carpet (and less effective on bare floors).

77.0  This is the new version of the Hoover 5507-900 Elite Rewind.  The new model # is the Hoover 5509-900.  It is a bagless upright with HEPA filtration.  It is reasonably inexpensive and has rather few bells & whistles.  Consumer ratings are average.

87.0  The Euro-Pro NV22L is popular with consumers and gets consistently good ratings.  It also comes with a 5-year warranty and uses cyclonic suction like a Dyson. 

84.9  The Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus (model M084650) is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner.  It is compact, extremely lightweight, and also very inexpensive.   In addition, it gets good consumer reviews.

81.8  The Bissell 22C1 is widely available but there are few consumer ratings on this particular machine. All-in-all we have found 11 from reliable sources.  It gets fairly good grades and is typically available for under 100USD.  Comments indicate that it is great at picking up pet hair and that the filters work well (keeps the house dust free and smelling clean).  However the filters need to be cleaned often and the vacuum hose is a bit short and stiff.

80.4  The Bissell 21K3 Cleanview Helix vacuum cleaner is well priced and gets good consumer ratings.  The machine is rather new however and ratings are limited.  It also has a respectable 3 year warranty.

88.4  This is a popular Bissell vacuum cleaner.  The Cleanview Helix (model 82H1) is a bagless upright that is very well liked by consumers.

70.5  The Bissell Versus Bare Floor (model 76T8) vacuum is a rather strange looking upright powered by a 12 amp motor.  It's unique shape apparently helps it get into difficult corners and crevices.

85.2  The Bissell Powerforce Turbo vacuum cleaner is a bagless upright that gets good consumer ratings (mostly from Walmart).  It is typically quite inexpensive - under 100USD.

77.9 The Hoover UH70120 upright bagless vacuum gets average consumer ratings.  There are other Hoover uprights with better scores.  Some folks like this vacuum but there are a number of comments related to the belt breaking and suction problems.

75.1  The Bissell 3920 Pet Hair Eraser vacuum cleaner is a bagless upright with HEPA filtration.  Consumer Ratings are average and it is popular with some consumers and not so popular with others.

86.9  The Sebo Felix Classic vacuum cleaner is an upright and it is quite expensive.  Consumer ratings for this machine are few but those that are available indicate a very high level of satisfaction.

88.0  Panasonic’s new bagless cyclone vacuum gets good consumer ratings but there few at this time.  It uses cyclonic suction (like Dyson and a number of other vacuums).  This approach “spins” the debris out of the airflow and ensures limited loss of suction over time and also cleaner filters. 

93.8  The Sebo X4 is a bagged upright vacuum cleaner.  Sebo's usually get very good consumer ratings but they are expensive vacuums.

77.0  The Electrolux EL5020 Intensity is an upright bagged vacuum cleaner.  The manufacturers suggested retail price on this machine is about 300USD but it is available at a number of outlets for substantially less.

58.9  The Dirt Devil M085850 Featherlite vacuum is a lightweight upright vacuum that is not particularly well-rated by consumers.

87.1  The DC17 Animal is designed for the home with pets and it uses Dyson's powerful Level 3 Root Cyclone technology.  It is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation and gets good grades from consumers.

81.6  The Dyson DC07 All-Floors is a bagless upright vacuum and like most Dysons uses Cyclonic suction.  Cyclonic suction doesn't require bags or filters and is said to ensure that suction does not decrease over time (as the dirt canister fills).

84.7  The Dyson DC15 is a bagless upright with HEPA filtration and it uses Dyson's patented Root Cyclone system to remove debris from the airflow.  Consumer ratings for the DC15 are good.

89.1  The Dyson DC25 Animal is essentially the same vacuum as the highly rated Dyson DC25 All-Floors however it comes with a special turbine tool for removing dirt and pet hair.  It is also purple in color.

82.1  The Dyson DC24 All-Floors vacuum cleaner is very popular and there are many consumer ratings for this machine.  Like all Dysons it is bagless and there are no bags (or filters) to replace.

87.6  Dyson DC18 Slim All-Floors Vacuum Cleaner is the lightweight of the Dyson uprights and it gets very good consumer ratings.  It comes with all the usual Dyson features but, like most Dysons, is not cheap.

82.2  The DC14 replaced the earlier DC07 and it comes with most of the typical Dyson features.  Consumer ratings are good but not as good, say, as the DC25.

93.2  Dysons are not cheap but the DC25 is a very well-rated bagless upright with a long warranty.

81.6  The Eureka Optima Pet Lover vacuum (model 439AZ) is an inexpensive, lightweight upright with odor absorbing technology.

49.0  The Eureka Uno Bagless Upright Vacuum (model 2998AZ) gets poor consumer ratings. 

85.0  This popular upright won Consumer Digest's best buy award.  It is not too expensive (100 - 150USD), comes with a number of features and consumers give it pretty good marks.

90.1  The Hoover UH70015 Vacuum is another Platinum Series Hoover.  It gets great consumer ratings and comes with a long warranty.

80.9  The Hoover U5786-900 is part of the Hoover Anniversary vacuum series (Hoover U5786900 Windtunnel Anniversary Vacuum Cleaner) and ratings vary.  It is a bagless upright with HEPA filtration.

81.8  The Hoover U5491900 Windtunnel vacuum gets respectable consumer ratings and is another Hoover upright that is not too expensive - usually around 150USD.

74.0  The Hoover EmPower (model U5269-900) does not get stellar consumer ratings. It does come with a number of features though and it is not too expensive.

79.2  This is a fairly inexpensive bagless Hoover Upright.  It is fairly generic but has a wide cleaning path at 14.5 inches.

92.0  A very well-rated vacuum.  This vacuum is both and upright and a canister as it comes with a detachable canister that can be worn over the shoulder (comes with shoulder strap).

83.1  The Hoover U6485900 is a self-propelled bagged vacuum cleaner with respectable reviews and a 3 year warranty.

85.9  The Hoover U5140-900 vacuum cleaner is quite popular as can be seen by the sheer number of reviews at Amazon.  It is relatively inexpensive and it gets good ratings.

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